David Galyardt Resume

(503) 761-2389
5324 N Missouri St.
Portland, OR 97212


To fulfill a rewarding career in the IT field.

  • High skill level with open source web development solutions.
  • Great deal of experience with e-commerce solutions.
  • Strong skills with hardware setup and configuration.
  • Proficient in networking maintenance and setup.
  • Experience with helpdesk technical support environments.
  • Excellent people skills, work well in a team environment and with customers.
  • Extremely fast learner who innovates elegant solutions.
Web Development

I had done a lot of freelance development before I decided to start a company (ToughTechs) and get a little more serious about web development. I worked on primarily e-commerce related web sites, with a strong focus on open-source solutions.

  • Extensive working knowledge of e-commerce related technologies.
  • Exceptional PHP scripting skills.
  • Fair handle on PERL problem solving especially CGI.
  • Strong ColdFusion skills.
  • Basic VB Script and VB skills, both for stand-alone applications and ASP web applications.
  • Strong SQL skills.
  • Strong Flash action-scripting skills.
  • Experience writing shopping cart/catalog systems in PHP, PERL, and ColdFusion.
  • Experience writing credit card processing modules in PHP and PERL.
  • Experience writing and using template based systems in PHP and PERL.
  • Experience with XML processing, displaying, parsing, etc.
Web Design

While design had never been my strong point before ToughTechs, I learned as much as I could about usability, classical design, and color theory and incorporated it in several nice looking web sites.

  • Extremely comfortable with HTML hand-coding.
  • Strong CSS skills.
  • Strong java scripting skills.
  • Comfortable in Dreamweaver, GoLive, etc.
  • Comfortable with Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, and GiMP.
  • Focus on standards compliant XHTML
  • Familiar with WAP and VXML technologies.

I had always built my own computers, and those for friends, so I decided to incorporate my skills into ToughTechs.

  • Great deal of experience building Linux and Windows PC's.
  • Strong driver / hardware troubleshooting skills.
  • Great deal of experience setting up and configuring most popular consumer software.
  • Comfortable troubleshooting driver issues in Windows, Linux, and Mac environments.

I did a bit of consultant work and a lot of installing and setting up of small to medium networks at ToughTechs.

  • Experience setting medium-sized 10/100 networks.
  • Built several routers from scratch (using LRP, FreeBSD, FreeSCO, and Debian)
  • Experience making, running, and wiring cat-5 cable.
  • Experience setting up extremely secure firewalls.
  • Experience building and maintaining Linux and NT "thin" clients.
System Administration

A part of the work I did with ToughTechs was administering systems that were installed on networks and keeping things running smoothly.

  • Great deal of experience maintaining Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Windows (3,95,98,NT,2K,ME), and Mac (OS 7-X) systems.
  • Experience with tape, CD-R(W), zip drive compressed and uncompressed backup systems.
  • Experience configuring / maintaining most standard services on Windows and *nix based systems. Enquire for a full list.
  • Experience with Sendmail / Courier Imap configuration.
  • Apache SSL, and advanced configuration skills.
  • Comfortable with .deb, .rpm, slack, BSD ports, or compiled-from-source-only software installs.

As technical support technician at Keane, JPSNet, and TechPointer I gained a lot of skills troubleshooting issues and finding solutions. I discovered that these skills make me an excellent technician.

  • Strong troubleshooting skills.
  • Won several awards for customer service skills.
  • Extremely comfortable with most popular consumer software and hardware.
  • Experience in e-mail and telephone help desks.
  • Able to explain complex things in laymen's need-to-know terms.
  • Zen-like approach to complicated issues that is calming to the customer, as well as effective at finding solutions.
  • Strong focus on empowering customers to find solutions for themselves.
Relevant Work History
  • Owner / Web Developer / Technician / Net Admin • ToughTechs • Olympia, WA
  • E-mail Technical Support Technician • TechPointer (now AskDrTech) • San Francisco, CA
  • E-mail / Telephone Support Technician • JPSNet (bought out by EarthLink.) • Sacramento, CA
  • Telephone Support Technician • Keane • Seattle, WA